Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Puppies are here!!

What an adventure this one was! One that we will not soon forget! Siesta - pictured - went into labor last night around 8:30 PM (as of this Blog it is 10:50 PM 0n 8/15/2007) - around 3:00 PM today her water finally broke. Generally once the water breaks puppies begin to appear shortly thereafter - this time, three hours passed with no sign of pups. Becoming more and more concerned we contacted the vet who asked us to bring her in as soon as possible!

So - we packed up our gear and the dog and headed to the Animal Hospital in Mokena (a quick ten minute ride) - all along the way holding towels under Siesta in the hopes a pup would come sliding out! You've heard of the occasional baby that is born in the back of a cab? Well think about 9 puppies born in the back of a recently detailed Dodge Durango!! Needless to say - we made it to the Animal Hospital with time to spare and still no pups.

After a brief examination of Siesta by our vet Dr Trudeau - she quickly determined that there was no obstruction - which was something she initially feared. Running through the course of actions - she suggested a dose of oxytocin to help strengthen the contractions. As it was - we already knew the contractions were not strong enough and Siesta already seemed exhausted - so even with the oxytocin - we were not confident she would be able to deliver a single pup let alone nine! After allowing the oxytocin sufficient time to work Dr Trudeau quickly came to the realization that a C-Section was going to be needed.

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