Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OK - Here is the deal...

So I did not Blog on vacation like last time - but who knew taking six people across the Atlantic to meet what seemed like a thousands relatives of which only a handful spoke English would be so difficult?

Everyone enjoyed themselves a great deal - but by the time I actually was able to log on and Blog - I was exhausted! So - hopefully very soon - I will try to recant our adventures in Lithuania over the course of the near future.

But for now - the Puppies are coming!

Our Black Lab - Siesta - is finally starting to give birth. She began labor around 8:30 PM yesterday - and has been panting furiously since then. we kept expecting little Lab pups to pop out but they did not. Suddenly - Siesta began the nesting process - so we are expecting the first of potentially 9 pups any time now. As they are born - i will Blog a picture and their stats - so keep checking back!

Siesta is our 'breeding stock' dog form leader Dogs for the Blind out of Rochester MI. We are the 'host home' for Siesta. Once she has her pups - we will care for them (I keep saying we, but it is really Lisa) for the next 7 weeks and then take them to Leader Dog where they will be placed in foster homes for a year. After a year (of basic training and socialization) they will be bought back to Leader dog for extensive training and placement with a blind and/or disabled person. pretty cool! So if Siesta has at least 9 pups - we will have helped out 9 blind people!

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