Thursday, June 07, 2007

Checking out other Blogs...

Things are crazy at the office today! As always - so as a little sanity break - I like to check out other Blogs - you can learn a lot about people from their Blogs! Some are interesting and some are just outright boring (although I would imagine people find mine boring - when I am not posting puppies being born or Blogging about our trip to Lithuania). By the way - if you are new to my Blog - check out the Archive (I always check out the Archive - you get a good feel for the person that way) - You can see our last trip to Lithuania as well as the last little of pups we had for Leader Dog.

Siesta - our new Leader Dog breeding stock - is up at Leader Dog now, soon she will be bred (over the next two weeks) and around August we should have a bouncing litter of Labs!! It's funny - I never consider myself a Lab person - but Siesta has really changed my mind! What a sweetheart of a dog! I am really very glad that Lisa took Leader Dog up on the opportunity to take Siesta! :)

Any way - if you get a chance - check out this Blog:

A sweet little Blog by a young lady in Canada. it's the kind of Blog that just makes you smile! :)

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