Tuesday, June 05, 2007

OK! Back for real!

OK! I am now back - for real this time! I really need to try and Blog on a daily basis. At the very least - it is therapeutic - at the very worst - I have nothing to say - which is a stretch!

Lots of cool things happening!

We will soon have new Leader Dog puppies on the way - but this time with a Black Lab and not with our German Shepard Kaycee!! Kaycee has been retired and is living the life of leisure lounging about the house - still in command and spoiled! Now we have added Siesta to the pack - a Black Lab, former Dog Show Champ who was donated to Leader Dog for breeding. She just went into heat this week and she will be bred at some point in the next week or so (I think). So by August - I will be posting images of the births! So stay tuned!

Another month and we are on our way to Lithuania - this time with the whole family - the first time for the kids - so it should be interesting - watch for that daily journal as well!

Check out some of my new sites located under the Links section! My neighbor Scott and I are going to start Podcasting soon - it should be fun - I hope we can get everyone to check it out!

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