Monday, July 05, 2010

“Knight and Day’ – Don’t let the title fool you – this is a fun movie!

Ok, I admit it. I love Cameron Diaz as much as I love Sandra Bullock. And because I am pretty sure neither one of them reads The New Lenox Patriot or my Blog – I am ok with admitting that! But I promise you – I will not let that love for either of them cloud my reviews (as evident with ‘All About Steve’…really Sandra…did you have to make THAT???).

‘Knight and Day’ is one of those big, flashy action comedies where you have to throw all logic and laws of physics out the door and enjoy the ride. Director James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma) delivers a fun filled popcorn (large bucket please) movie worthy of a big screen showing but not exactly worthy of any Oscar buzz. But you know what? That’s not the intention here – the intention is to have some fun.

Tom Cruise is yet again another secret agent ala Mission Impossible; Roy Miller (whose last name is also Knight – get it? I am still trying to figure out the Day part though, which really ticks me off!) who is trying to save a super secret battery called the ‘Zephyr’ and its creator, an odd boy genius named Simon Feck (Paul Dano) from his ex partner Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard) who wants to sell it to a international weapons dealer. While trying to sneak away in an airport, Roy slips the battery into a chess piece (a Knight) and then bumps into June (Cameron Diaz), twice, slipping the Knight into her luggage and helping him ‘mule’ the item into the terminal.

June ends up on the same plane as Roy – which as it turns out – is a plane full of bad guys, which Roy quickly disposes of as June is preparing herself in the bathroom. The chemistry between Cruise and Diaz is simply enchanting and Cruise has never been better or more likable. Normally I find him a bit ‘smarmy’ but he seems to be aging nicely and softening up a bit. The action follows fast and furious from one local to the next – red herrings are thrown around without a care and it is best not to over think it, better to just sit back, enjoy the dialogue and smile at the natural banter that Cruise and Diaz share.

The stunts are incredible as is the scenery; you will be left with your jaw on the ground with the motorcycle chase throw the running of the bulls in Pamplona. I know it was CGI – but it was exciting none the less! The rest of the movie pretty much goes on like this and you never seem to tire of it. It is a shame that it is not getting the marketing it deserves; it does deserve a viewing on the big screen. The spirits are high, the touch of Diaz and Cruise are light; their star appeal is fantastic. This is a 3 ½ star effort well worth and cooling off in the theater on a hot, humid July evening!!

For my Redbox pick for this review – got to keep it in the action vein and light and go with ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, while I did not give this a great review, for $1.00 this 2 ½ star effort is worth a trip to your local Redbox. I am thinking the sequel will be a bit better!

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