Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Well - in keeping with the spirit of trying to Blog every a late start day with the intention of trying to get a little extra sleep by staying in bed 30 minutes more than normal. Big mistake! Here in the Chicago-land area - even a ten minute later start to the commute can cause you a 30 minute delay to the start of your day. Can I say the extar shut eye was worth it? Not really - the aggravation of the traffic probably took more out of me than the sleep put in!

Oh well! The price we pay for the jobs we love I guess!

Just on the news yesterday, as a matter of fact, was the actual cost of commuting. We waste billions - that's right - BILLIONS - of dollars per year in traffic congestion. The average commute time (round trip) is nearly two hours for most people in the United States - in the more urban areas that time can exceed three hours. We are pumping over 55 billion pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere every year! Just imagine that! it is amazing to think of it

We've got to come up with better ways to manage this situation. If I had an alternative to work - like a train for instance - you better believe I would be using it!

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