Monday, July 28, 2008

Europe By Rail - Trip 2: Vienna, Austria

Ah Vienna!

We could have spent the whole time in Vienna! It is difficult to describe the beauty that is Vienna! It is the jewel of Austria – the capital and center – it is a magnificent achievement to the arts, culture and history of the country.

Great palaces adorn streets lined with museums dedicated to art and music.

Grand gardens lined with thousands upon thousands of colorful flowers. People sat and played in the parks – read in the parks – painted in the parks. Masters walked their dogs – off lease – never leaving their sides. Students from everywhere – backpacking across Europe rested in the parks. It was like the greatest melting pot of humanity that I have ever seen – and not a sour look or tone could be seen or heard.

Towering churches – their steeples reaching up to God; omniscient and yet human. The paintings inside a wonderful testament to the faith of the artist.

We wandered for hours – we wandered for miles – we wandered without ever looking down! The weather was perfect – the sky was blue – the temperature was warm but the breeze was cooling. Every time we wanted to take a break – another spire called to us – or another building beckoned us forward or another statue pointed at us and called us forward.

Vienna is a siren – a romantic siren city that you could easily lose yourself in for days and days. We did not want to leave!

We took the last possible train back to Bratislava we could!

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Andrew said...

Hi-nice blog. We were lucky enough to have our luxury holidays in Austria during Euro 2008. We had a fantastic time, the scenery, resort and people were fantastic!, cant wait to return!-Keep posting, cheers!