Monday, July 28, 2008

Europe By Rail - Trip 1: Salzburg, Austria Part 2

We slept in a little today - not too late though because check out time is 10:00 AM! So we head out around 9:00 AM to grab some breakfast and do a little shopping before grabbing the next train back to Bratislava.

We take a walk over to the old town section of Salzburg with the intention of grabbing some breakfast (maybe a quick pastry) and a chance to do some shopping for the kids. We wander through lovely squares surrounded by impressive frescos – past gothic churches – bells ringing out the quarter, half and full hours. Cobble stone streets line our path as horse drawn carriages clip clop by. I can easily see how the great masters of music were inspired by this city.

We wander up to a CafĂ© that is located in a more central square – the opportunity to sit outside – have a little breakfast and people watch is just too tempting to pass up. We go with the suggestion of the waitress – ham & eggs, which we think will be an omelet (based on what we can discern form the menu) – and a mint tea (a Coke Light for me) with some delicious bread!

The eggs arrive, sizzling in a ceramic plate/dish – over easy on top of pieces of shaved ham – sprinkles of Asiago cheese adorn the eggs. Lisa – not being a big fan of eggs this way is even pleased by the flavor!

Little birds are everywhere (along with pigeons) in the city. Some come tentatively by us – not missing a chance to be Snow White – Lisa begins to pass on some bread to the little ones! Soon – it is like an Alfred Hitchcock movie and the pigeons are beginning to muscle in on the smaller birds. Suddenly my job becomes enforcer as I shoo away the bigger, nastier birds – causing me to miss several opportunities to get our check!

With the bread gone – we are soon on our way exploring the streets of Old Salzburg. Again – what a wonderful city!

Intricately designed buildings – with statues dating back to the 18th & 19th centuries; layer upon layer of history, unfolding before us as we pass from building to building.

The birthplace of Mozart!

The birthplace of Amadeus!

In every corner – in every building – you see a bit of history and culture. You also see the Austrian pride in the way that the city is kept and the way that the people act. Everyone smiles! Everyone is friendly and helpful! No stink-eye here!

All too soon – it is time to head back to the station to grab our train back to Bratislava! But – we are equally excited as tomorrow we are headed to Vienna!

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