Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bulgaria - Day 7: The Return to Lovech & Shopping in Old Town

Got to sleep in a bit – the haze of smoke and fog machine a distant memory down the shower drain. Peter had a simple breakfast for us downstairs – scrambled eggs and toast! Just enough to take off the pangs of morning hunger!

Only enough time this morning to pack up our stuff and get ready to go. The original plan was to take the bus back to Lovech and then head out to the country tomorrow, where Villy’s Aunt and Uncle have a place – the same place where her Uncle was born as a matter of fact. But – Pando has kindly volunteered to take us back to Lovech rather than have us take the bus. We are meeting up with the Entourage at the other – swankier hotel – for a good-bye coffee (or diet cola in our case) before we head out. We have a small problem though – Peter’s credit card machine is not working and we are out of local currency! Trying to oblige us – he attempts the credit card machine anyway and it rejects every card we give him – apparently it will only work with European issued cards. Problem solved though – a quick trip to the local ATM (God bless the Cirrus network) and a $6.00 international banking fee later, we have settled up with Peter and an on our way back to Lovech.

On our way back Pando decided to take a detour and show us some sites – an old town that was originally home to Napoleon at one point in history. There – we did some shopping for the kids as well as Lisa before striking out to another ‘special’ place for lunch.

This restaurant was more of a themed restaurant – with a small zoo of local animals (donkey, goats, chickens and other assorted small animals), a rope swing, hammock among a grove of table in an outdoor setting. All very quaint and picturesque as well as touristy. They were there by the busloads – large German looking people with their shorts pulled up to their navels and their belts pulled too tightly – black socks with open toed sandals hid what I am sure were corn infested toes. Plump red cheeks and sun burned noses – it was like a bus of bald and un shaven Santa Clauses had wandered into the country. But – it was certainly fun to even see a country like Bulgaria have it’s equivalent tourist traps as we do in America.

After lunch – we struck out back to our apartment for a quick shower and a short rest before heading back out to our restaurant downtown with Villy’s family. Tonight – for us – it was alcohol free! For me – it was Shopska Salad free! The rest of the food – has it has been throughout the entire trip was delicious and we ate to our hearts content! This is the same restaurant in which Mimi knows the singer and the pianist – so with a little encouragement – we were able to get Mimi to do a number for us (all caught on Taper I might add – soon to be on YouTube!).

It was a nice, relaxing evening that ended with a quick cab ride back home for a good sleep in before heading out to the country tomorrow!

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