Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday is here!

Kaycee our Retired Leader Dog Breeding Stock

Yay for the week-end! There are weeks when one just looks forward to the week-end - no matter what you have planned! Heck - I have had weeks that were so bad, even with the prospect of painting over the week-end - I still looked forward with bated anticipation to the week-end! While this week was not that bad - it was long...especially coming off of a holiday week in which we only worked four days.

Now my job is not that bad - in fact, I like it a great deal. I get to work with Internet technology all day long and help set the course of eBusiness for my company. I am fairly new to the company (less than three full years) so that makes me the most progressive person on staff! Most folks have been with the company (on average) 10 years or more. Their experiences are so intertwined with the corporate culture they cannot see the forest beyond the trees. My job is to come in with a fresh perspective and shake things up a bit (which I have done - another story that I am afraid cannot be shared here!). So by the very nature of what I do - I am having a blast. But that does make some LONG weeks! :)

On another fantastic note...Lisa is on the way back from Leader Dog with Kaycee (our retired breeding stock German Shepard) - while Siesta (our new Black Lab breeding stock) remains at Leader Dog to be bred. Kaycee was 'fixed' now that she is retired and officially our family dog! She had a bit of an issue yesterday coming out of the surgery - but everything seems to be fine now - which is great news. Even better news - Lisa is coming home! :)

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