Monday, January 16, 2012

The Best of 2011

My apologies dear readers! With the holidays and my actual work schedule, I have been lacking in pulling my weekly review together. I hope I haven’t lost too many of you in the silence. I hope to make that all up to you with this week’s feature, which is more of a list of recommendations than anything else!

A few weeks ago, I published my 2012 Oscar Previews; a list of films that I thought would get the nominations for best picture. This week, I would like to share with you a Top 10 of the best movies of 2011. Now some of these may actually end up getting Oscar nominations and some may not! Most of these are still in theaters and I will do my best to make mention where! So let’s kick it off with:

10. ‘Harry Potter and the   Deathly Hallows, Part 2’ – The epic series comes to a very satisfying and exciting conclusion in this 7th installment. Deftly helmed by director David Yates, this is the best of the 7! Redbox BluRay worthy!

09. ‘Moneyball’ – One of the more entertaining and heartfelt baseball movies since ‘Field of Dreams’; Brad Pitt is the role of a lifetime about a manager who is finding value in what the traditional manager misses. Find it on Redbox BluRay!

08. ‘Drive’ – Ryan Gosling channels Steve McQueen cool as a getaway driver who battle an evil mob boss. I am betting this will be too ultra-violent to score an Oscar nomination (but it deserves one). Due at Redbox BluRay 1/31/2012.

07. ‘Hugo’ – Martin Scorsese delivers magnificently a beautiful and heartwarming 3D adventure about a boy who lives in a train station. The 3D is not a effect here – rather it is a part of the story; a stunning achievement from a modern master. See it at: AMC Woodridge 18.

06. ‘Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ – Well, the IMF team is back and back in a big way! Helmed by first time live action director, Brad Bird (‘The Incredibles’) – the MI series is once again king of action! This is what every action film should strive to be! See it at: AMC Showplace New Lenox.

05. ‘War Horse’ – Steven Spielberg’s sweeping World War I saga of a boy, his horse and the remarkable relationship they share. See it at AMC Showplace New Lenox.

04. ‘The Descendants’ – George Clooney in the role of a lifetime will most assuredly get a Best Actor nomination (as well as the statue) in this very rare human comedy that earns every laugh and tear.  See it at: Marcus Orland Park.

03. ‘My Week with Marilyn’ – The true story of Colin Clark’s time spent with Marilyn Monroe during the filming of ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’.  While the film is a basic biopic, the performances are incredible! See it at: AMC Woodridge 18.

02. ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ – David Fincher has once again proven that he is the director of choice for macabre material. Rooney Mara is stunning as the tattooed heroine.  Clocking in over 2 ½ hours, you never notice the time. See it at: AMC Showplace New Lenox.

01. ‘The Artist’ – An audacious gamble that pays off with possibly the Best Picture of 2011. Filmed in black and white as well as SILENT; this loving tale of a 1927 Hollywood star who must face the challenge of the ‘talkie’, invokes powerful emotions and is one of the most creative films I have seen in some time! Sure to be a future film school study piece! See it at: AMC Yorktown 17.

Some of these will be getting Academy Award nods (one way or the other); some will not but deserve to be seen! With the cold weather – what better way to warm up than at a movie? Don’t forget – the Beat Bob’s Oscar Picks contest will be here soon – so make sure you brush on your films!

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