Sunday, July 13, 2008

Landed in Frankfurt, Germany!

Ok - 11:55 PM CDST, July 13th back in New Lenox & it is 6:55 AM July 14th in Frankfurt, Germany! Pretty cool! We left Chicago at 4:00 PM Sunday - just a few minutes behind schedule after what seemed a pretty harrowing wait!

Of course the flight was overbooked and for some reason Lisa's father had a confirmed seat and we had been put on stand-by! So while everyone was being called into line to board - we waited, nervously shifting back and forth - seething just a little bit. You see - with most International Flights - you are required to 'Confirm' the flight 48 hours in advance. In other words - you call the airline to let the know for sure that you will be there. So - despite our confirming - we were still put on stand-by because they overbooked! Lisa's dad raised a little hell - which we pulled him back from (for fear of a stout German Attendant hitting the 'delete' key on our reservations) and we waited patiently!

Soon our patience paid off as we were awarded with an upgrade to Business Class! Seats that fully recline! Gourmet meals: Lisa and her Dad had Smoked Salmon and I had the Braised Short Ribs! All the alcohol you can drink! Hot towels! Private viewing screens for entertainment - it was like heaven at a 100,000 feet! :) The 8 hour flight went by in no time at all! Not at all like the other flights that we have taken to Europe - where mid-way we would be walking up and down the aisle just to stretch our cramped legs as screaming children kicked the seat behind us!

Lisa's father has asked everyone who works with the airline if they speak German - he scored once on the flight! So far in the terminal he is batting a thousand - striking up a conversation or two with some of the local merchants - cruising up to the counter with a friendly 'Vat is los!'

Our next leg of the flight is a brief hour and a half away (or so) - so it is off for a quick bathroom break - a Coca Cola Light (or two) and off to the gate we go! We just have to gather up Lisa's dad who is busy chatting with the duty free guys - no doubt dazzling them with his American/International charm!

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