Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Evening Winding Down!

Winding down for the evening - poor Lisa is exhausted! Shopping for the little last minute items - doing laundry - packing and getting the kids ready for the trip has taken it's toll! Two of the kids are madly playing Guitar Hero down the hall while the other is outside shooting hoops with his friends. I am messing with my Blog - adding Twitter and a few links to some of the locations we will be at during our trip while Lisa takes a little snooze. We still have a lot to do in preparation: finish packing, shop to fill the house with groceries and a whole bunch of last minute stuff. But - it is still exciting!

I really love going to new places! I never traveled as a kid - at least not like this. We went to the Tulip Festival in Grand Rapids, MI. Once. Other than that - my Aunt Marge would take us to the lake front and to the amusement parks. We grew up in the city (Chicago) in a working class family - so vacations consisted of short, inexpensive jaunts. But we had fun! So now - when we make these trans-Atlantic trips, I make the most of them and I do enjoy them!

If you check out the archives of this Blog - you can read about our previous trips to Lithuania - where my wife is from (well, her father is from there actually). We have been back there 5 times I think now. Once, last year, with the kids, and I never grow tired of it. They treat me as if I were Lithuanian! Very cool stuff!

As with our other trips we are going with Lisa's father. He is a trip himself! 70 something going on 20 something! The guy is a machine! He is already telling us about the various discos and bars we will be hanging out at while in Sofia! You see, this is his 3rd trip to Bulgaria and he has befriended this wonderful family. We will be loaded with gifts - at least 5 & 1/2 50# suitcases of gifts for the family! :) I am very excited about that as well. It is sort of our tradition to bring the host families gifts from America - clothing and such - as our way of showing support.

So - 9:20 - time to wake up Lisa form her nap and move on to another few packing items!

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