Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bulgaria - Day 4: Lovech – Boy was I sick (And no – it was not from drinking!)

Yes – the title will get you! I admit – I woke up not feeling the best in the world! My head was just a bit on the sore side – but nothing that a shower and some water wouldn’t cure. Sure enough – a nice shower and about two quarts of water later – I was right as rain!

We dressed for the day and headed over to Auntie’s and Uncles to start our day with a bit of an early lunch of – you guessed it – Shopska Salad and what looked like cucumber soup. But – shortly before we got there – my stomach started to make the loudest noise I had ever heard. Trust me when I say this – I know drinking sick – this was not drinking sick. Waving it off to bad gas (as I often known for – ask my kids) – we moved on.

It proceeded to get worse and as it turns out – Villy was feeling ill as well. I started to get sicker at Aunties – not feverish mind you – but internal bowel kind of sickness. We are told that something is going around and that the drug stores are having a run on medication for this – so Auntie gives me what they have and I head back to the apartment to go lay down and let it run it’s course – which it does. I never had Montezuma’s revenge – but if I did – this was it!

While I was battling the porcelain gods – Lisa and her Dad are with the family visiting the town.

By the time the return – I have defeated the gods!

It is evening – it is cool and refreshing outside and it feels wonderful! We head to a very cool restaurant in town – just over the river where there is a singer that Mimi knows. Dinner is wonderful! No Rakia for me tonight – but a beer or two is just fine! Of course Shopska Salad for everyone!

Mimi, Villy, her Auntie, Lisa, her father and the girls all dance the Horo – a Bulgarian dance that is a good deal of fun and very difficult! I do not attempt this yet as I am still recovering from my battle with the gods (although I do tickle the stones for several slow dances).

Altogether a very slow – long and pleasant evening!

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