Tuesday, February 28, 2006

PC Doc - The answers to your home computing issues!

Did anyone see the Best Buy ad in the Sunday paper?

Their "Geek Squad" is
offering Home Networking at $159.00!
That's a full $70.00 more than I

They are also offering an "Advanced Security Set-Up" for
I do the same for well under $100.00!

And get this one: they
will reformat your PC (reinstall the Operating System)
for only $229.00!!!!!

Something I charge $90.00 for!
And I usually throw in a few hundred
dollars of software to boot!

Shows you how much mark-up they have in this

But it also illustrates what people are willing to pay if they do not know any better!
Don't be ripped off by the corporate driven PC repair business - they hire kids
who barely know anything and resort to simple fixes that will have you back in a few weeks.
Rely on professionals who have been at this for years -
professionals who know what they are doing and are more interested
in doing a quality job than pushing revenue through the doors.

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