Friday, September 09, 2005

Yearrrgghhhh! Too much to do!




That is my phrase that pays recently as I struggle to catch up from vacation - start a major project and close the deal on a major piece of property - oh, and wait for puppies to be born! Too much to do with too little time to do it in!

So the Blog has suffered despite the best of intentions. It is still my goal to build a base of regular readers and to do that you need to provide regular content. I intend to do this! I will start with the tease of puppies that I have had throughout the Blog so far. But..

Not right now! Maybe tonight - but tomorrow for sure I will get into the regular habit. My goal - Monday through Friday posts with extras on the week-end if I can find the time. I hope this will please those that read the Blog!

So, off to wrap up some things at the office - run to the grocery store - (Sorry Kids - we will have food tonight!) - and then get my ever increasing butt home to help deliver puppies (if they ever decide to emerge from the warmth of their mother!).


Anonymous said...

Mornin' Bob,
Puppies yet? When the blessed event occurs, please let me know as I have a daughter who is ga-ga over cute fuzzy little creatures.
Thanks! Mark

Robert said...

Puppies on the way! See the latest post!