Monday, August 22, 2005

Sunday Evening, August 14th – Laundry Night

By the time we get back to our Kaunas apartment it is early afternoon. We flip to see who has rights to the bathroom first and begin to unpack. We need laundry done as we only used carry-on bags for our personal clothing and could not possibly fit 15 days worth of cloths into a single carry-on.

Washing cloths here is a challenge. We have a Russian built washing machine, front loading that takes about 10 minutes per cycle with 15 freaking cycles!! We can’t read the washer and therefore don’t know what cycle is which. We quickly realize after the first load gives us shirts we will not be able to wear again, that we will wash everything by hand but the heavier items such as jeans and towels. Oh, by the way – there is no spin cycle so we have to wring everything out and there is no dryer, so everything is hung on a small drying rack on the enclosed front porch. Jeans will take rough two days to dry and underwear and shirts, a full 24 hours. You want something to dry quick? Hang it from the hot water pipe!!

The time spent to ourselves is nice however. It allows us to catch up on the events of the previous week as well as share stories. I work on my Blog a bit but it is hard as we are too busy talking to each other. This is a very nice trip so far. Aside from the sites and family, this has been a good time to reconnect with Lisa and her father. We bond well as a threesome – we live together well too. The conversation is always flowing and pleasant – we really do enjoy each other’s company.

That night sleep comes easily and comfortably.

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